• 17 JUL 14
    Weight Loss

    Weight Loss

    There are medications available to assist in weight loss and Dr. Vaughn will review these with you if they are appropriate for your health. However, all weight loss medicines should be considered temporary aids. A change in lifestyle including diet and exercise is necessary to attain and maintain your target weight.

    As part of a physical exam, Dr. Vaughn also addresses cholesterol profiles. The recommendations of following these levels changes with each new study published and Dr. Vaughn is committed to keeping current with these changes. Aggressive treatment includes not just medication therapy, but changes in lifestyle including diet and exercise. Although some of these factors are generic, some may be altered by dietary changes.

    For patients who have conditions that prohibit them from following lifestyle changes, Dr. Vaughn can assist in referring them for surgical options. Dr. Vaughn works together with competent surgeons who are certified in this technique to manage pre and post operative care.

Services & Procedures

  • Routine Gynecology

    To further serve women, routine gynecology and breast exams are offered.

  • Echocardiogram

    An echocardiogram generally is used to evaluate heart wall thickness and function of the heart valves.

  • Pulmonary Function Tests

    Pulmonary function tests are a broad range of tests that are usually done in a health care provider’s office.